Monday, August 20, 2012

Blogging about what????

Had you told me my first blog ever would be about this, after I got off the ground from LMAO, I'd have called you nuts. In my job which has two positives (some cool folks and it pays),

I carry around a clipboard. 5 or six years ago I bought a clamshell plastic one to keep papers and stuff inside. Other than being slightly cracked (because objects take on the qualities of their owners, or is that pets?), it was in it's prime. Until about two weeks ago it took a belly flop onto a concrete floor.

Yeah. That happened.

So being an indecisive sort, I dithered before replacing it. Actually the main hold up was finding the right balance between price and something that wouldn't just fall apart. Because while the casing was plastic, the hinge of this one was a metal rod.  While I found several either thicker than this one or roughly the same but opening from the side, they either had plastic rods or small plastic hinges as connectors. Yeah, that'll last.

Finally, after toting the broken one around for over a week, I bit the bullet yesterday (Monday). As a quickly rewed grass widower might say: check out the new model!

I'm excited at the new, but I can't help but feel sad at the end of an era. I also get this way at the start of and end of the new TV show season. Considering that shows are beginning and ending new seasons all the dang time now, between the relative euphoria and depression, I'm pretty much an emotional wreck all the time. ("Eureka" you finished before your time!)

So that's my earthshattering first blog entry. How will ever I live up to the bar I've set?

Also, finding the lack of a standard sarcasm indicator very restraining.

The end.

No, really.


  1. Can I have your old one? Duck tape can fix that!!

  2. Of course! Wait...this isn't a "setting up a shrine" thing?