Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fabulous Furman Football Funk

Such a glorious, wonderful day.  That needs an edit:

Such glorious, wonderful weather.

Another home Furman home game, Homecoming in fact.  This time the Georgia Southern Eagles come to play.  (As an aside, for some reason Furman always picks a nationally ranked opponent to be its Homecoming game.  Nuts.)

The Eagles apparently watched the game last week, kicking the ball to Furman to start.  True to form, it was three and out for the Paladins.  Then an odd sequence occurred.

Georgia Southern runs a wingbone offense.  It's a heavy run offense, featuring the option, and run primarily by the service academies and Georgia Tech (who's coach came from Georgia Southern via Navy).  Last week, against Wofford, they did not throw a pass.  Against Furman, their first play was a pass, AND FURMAN SACKED THEM!!!!  They too went three and out.  Furman mounted a long drive and set up for a field goal, which promptly CLANGED OFF THE UPRIGHT!!!

(I may at that point have clanged my head off the seat back in front of me.  That remains...hazy.)

Insult to injury, the Eagles then drove down the field and successfully kicked a field goal.  For the remainder of the first quarter and most of the second, the two teams traded punts and field position.  and then the Paladins rose...

A Furman drive, pushing the ball down the field, then punching it in with 1:50 to go in the half.  Then the Eagles quickly moved down the field inside the Furman 20 yard line.  but with less than 40 seconds left: a Georgia Southern run...the ball punched free -- FUMBLE!...Furman recovers! and runs out the half!

I now interrupt this recount to present the reason my recollection may be a bit hazy.  In attendance at Paladin Stadium Saturday was my niece, Rose:

Ain't she cute.  Also, very wiggly.  So at halftime she and her Mimi left to see the Homecoming floats and the geese at the lake.  Just as well; I'm pretty sure Papa (also pictured) muttered some bad words under his breath in the second half.

The Eagles sucked the air out of the crowd by taking the opening kickoff and jamming it down Furman's throat for a touchdown.  Followed by a blocked extra point...A long kickoff return...a field goal to RETAKE THE LEAD!!!

A..a..and then reality set in.  Georgia Southern's next touchdown would be a one play 70+ yard pass.  They'd make the two point conversion.  And score another touchdown.  And then another (though missing the extra point this time).  Furman would mount one final drive for a TD, to cut the deficit to 13.  The onside kick would fail; a methodical Eagle drive would drain the clock.  Then would come the reason I hate Georgia Southern; I call it the jerk factor.

With the ball inside the Furman 5 and less than a minute left the Eagles could have kneeled on the ball and run out the clock.  Instead the punched it in for another score and WENT FOR TWO AGAIN!!!  Really?  Do your players get a bonus for winning by 21.

In the immortal words of the Cosby Kids: N.C. -- no class.

Also, I didn't hear exactly what it was, but at the beginning of the fourth quarter the stadium announcer said that there was a giveaway for the first 1000 fans to leave the stadium. 

The Furman crowd doesn't get fully into their seats until the second quarter.  And many leave at halftime, never to return.  There's a steady stream out from the mid-third quarter on, even in a good game or one Furman is winning!  Do we really need to encourage people to leave?

But I didn't get sunburned again, and Rose did give me this:

So all in all, Unca Greg is happy!
Also, that fingernail needs trimming.  Bye, ya'll.

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