Sunday, October 14, 2012

#FFF Furman Football, Failure

That...was discouraging.

It started out as a cool, cloudy but lovely day.  Mom expressed concern about my wearing shorts and not jeans and a jacket.  It would be a concern, but not for the reason (too chilly) she thought.

The Paladins won the toss and chose to take the ball. A..a..nd three plays later they punted.  The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Moccasins (two of the better team mascots playing each other here) ate up most of the quarter driving the ball deep into Furman territory, but had to settle for a field goal.

Furman had what would be it's best drive of the game.  They were inside the UTC one yard line when the quarter ended. (It looked briefly like they had punched the ball in on the last play.  The officials hesitated before marking the ball.  I wondered if they were considering calling the touchdown rather than having to walk the ball all the way to the other end of the field.)  The Paladins scored on the next play to take their only lead.

The momentum shifted back and forth for most of the rest of the half.  At one point, Furman's defense made a tremendous stop, only to have any possibility of great field position nullified by a punt..that..rolled..for..ever to inside the ten yard line.  Chattanooga (Dear UTC, please get easier to spell name and nickname, thanks) scored a touchdown at the end of the half.

That lead would hold up.  Furman would only muster three points in the second half.  The Moccasins would put up three touchdowns.  Final score: 31-10.

Also, the shorts were not a bad idea due to temperature (I was nice and comfy) but because of lack of sunblock.  I got burned.

The dispiriting part is that other than the one drive, Furman really didn't put up much of a fight.  Every other game they were in the thick of it; they even put in a good show against Clemson. 

Sigh.  Between them, the Braves, and the Panthers I'm just glad Clemson and Laurens High are doing well.  So far.  Sports, you is a harsh mistress.

P.S.:  It was a bad week for state football teams overall.  Only the Charleston area teams (Charleston Southern and The Citadel) scored wins.  North Greenville and PC were pummeled.  Newberry, S.C. State, and Coastal Carolina took it on the chin. Wofford and South Carolina lost tough ones.  It's just as well the Tigers didn't play.  (Note to Dabo and Spurrier: I know you're rivals. But defend your state. One USC, one Carolina, one Death Valley -- ours.)

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