Monday, October 22, 2012

I Dream of Jen Friel

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Normally, I don't remember dreams.  Or I vaguely remember dreams and by the time I reach for pen and paper, or grope at the thought to fix it better in my mind, the dreams disappears like dew before the summer sun.

Perhaps it was because I had to get up earlier for a meeting at work.  My body often anticipates waking up when I have to rise earlier than usual.  But this morning I actually remembered most of my dream.

I'm not sure why I was in China.  But I was there, at a news conference.  And a Rasputin-like spokesperson introduced someone to proclaim that China was great to the world -- blogger and social media guru, Jen Friel.  She had on a fake smile and the far away look of your B-movie/TV show brain washing victim.  I turned to (blogger, former Apprentice contestant, and FoxNews contributer) Jenn Hoffman and said that Jen did not act or sound like herself.

 (How would I know?  I read her blog That's not part of the dream. I follow both Jen and Jenn on Twitter).

Jenn agreed.  At which point I uttered: "We've got to save her."  And suddenly I was in the middle of an 80's sci-fi action movie montage of futuristic vehicles preparing for battle.  I can't specifically identify any of them other than Vipers from the original Battlestar Galactica.

I do know the land forces gave me a similar feeling to the old Megaforce movie from 1982.

 Also, there was a spaceship rising from the water

Then I woke up.

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