Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fabulous Football Fall Saturday

Ah, a clear blue sky, but more to come...

After two close losses and two injuries to quarterbacks, the Furman Paladins rolled(?) into a (mostly) refurbished Paladin Stadium for the first home game of the year.  Unlike most of the home games last year, not cloud was to be seen.

New press box and facilities
Paladin on the plaza seems excited
Concession choices seem limited
Luxury boxes aren't finished yet
Dad checks out new seating
Synthetic turf, looks the same

 The Paladins took the opening kick and drove, drove, drove down the field.  No passing, nothing fancy, they just ran over the visiting Blue Hose.  With half the 1st quarter gone they punched it in for the touchdown.

I got excited, but trust me, they scored here.

 On PC's first drive, after and inital penalty by Furman, it was three plays and punt.  Oh glorious stadium! Oh, glorious performance! Oh, glorious day!

Yeah...about that.

After the PC punt was a drive that should have ended in a Furman punt.  Should have....but a bad snap left the Furman punter diving on the ball.  And giving the ball up inside your own 10 yard line is a bad way to keep the other team out of the end zone.

And so it went.  A fumble coughed up.  A long drive allowed.  A missed field goal.  The half ended with PC up 20 to 7, with only a missed PC extra point keeping the margin from being two full touchdowns.  The normally late arriving Furman crowd began heading for the concession stands, and for some the exits.

The Paladin is not impressed.

At halftime, Furman unveiled it's new paladin logo:

 And a performance by the Paladin Regiment and Paladin Dancers:

With extra xylophones:
Seriously, there's like 5 xylophones.

The second half brought a turn of fortunes.  A PC fumble couple with 2 penalties placed Furman first and goal at the Blue Hose two yard line.  Touchdown!  A very short PC punt led to another Furman
touchdown drive.  And the Paladins entered the 4th quarter with a slim 1 point lead.

Back and forth the ball went.  Short drives. Punts.  Agonizing incompletions. Stagnating offenses.

But with 6:30 left in the game PC got the ball for their final drive.  They converted third downs.  they converted a fourth down.  They had missed 2 field goals, but crept closer and closer.  With 8 seconds left, they were in chip shot range, with the ball in the center of the field.

 And the kick issssss....


And blue skies prevail!

Including my sun burn

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