Thursday, October 10, 2013

Furman Football Funtime

Another bright sunny Saturday at Paladin Stadium! (I remembered sunscreen this time.)

And the luxury boxes are finished

The band is playing, the helmet and tunnel are ready for the Paladins to take the field.

 And now a word about quarterbacks.  Furman's starter missed the first game of the season due to injury.  His backup was injured in that game and will miss the season.  The starter was hurt again the previous week.  So a true freshmen and the junior "wildcat" quarterback lead Furman into this game.

Let's kick it off!

Another home game.  Another successful first stop, and another successful first drive for a touchdown.  And once again it all fell apart.

Furman was pinned deep all day by some monster punts.  The freshman QB threw an interception for a touchdown on his second drive.  The defense gave up a long touchdown drive.  The wildcat QB threw his first pass of the season...for an interception.  And a tired defense gave up another TD.

Only a field goal kept the game within reach at halftime, 28-10 Elon Phoenix (formerly Fighting Christians) leading.

Sadly many of then probably didn't arrive until 2nd quarter.

Most of these folks won't return.

 Furman Hall of Fame inductees.
 The 3rd quarter also started poorly, as the wildcat QB went out with a season ending injury.  The Phoenix were driving for what looked like a clenching TD.  Fumble!!! recovery by the Paladins!

Still buried deep in their own territory, Furman would drive.  And drive.  And drive.  84 yards later the Paladins would punch in a touchdown and a two point conversion to pull within 10 points.

A stop. Another ridiculous punt.  But the true freshman QB would prove up to the task.  93 yards later, Furman would pull within 3.  the defense would get a stop.  And another stop.  But each time deep punt would pin Furman.  A fourth down pass would fall incomplete.  And Elon would run out the clock.  Elon 28, Furman 25.

Oh, and at the end the Paladin was thrown from his horse.


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