Monday, February 3, 2014

Bad endings, New beginnings - The US Year in Sports

Well the Super Bowl is over and I'm having flashbacks to the 80s and 90s.  Most of the folks born into the Internet Age won't know this, but there was period of 15 years the where excitement of the Super Bowl was due to the commercials not the game.  In that time frame only 4 of the games had a margin of victory of 10 points or less.  And only two games were within one score.  Hopefully this year was an anomaly, because lately the commercials are getting lackluster too.  Several of the ones on Sunday we the same commercials companies had been running for weeks or longer.  (I'm looking at you Geico.)

I like her better in "Bones"

It's a shame really, because Super Bowl Sunday serves as the New Year's Eve party of the US sports year.  Football is the overwhelming definer of US sports culture.  There's an entire industry growing around the evaluation of the talent of preteens!  The NFL Draft will attract higher ratings than the major events of many other sports.  That's why the sports year ends with the Super Bowl and begins 3 days later with college football's "Signing Day!".  (Though this is somewhat of a misnomer, as it actually is the beginning of a long signing period.  But you gotta have an event for TV.)

So the redeeming factor of a BGB (Big Game Blowout) is that with old year gone, a fresh new year awaits.  Depending on your sports bent in addition to Signing Day you can look forward to the Winter Olympics,  March Madness, The Masters, the Daytona 500, and the NBA and NHL playoffs.

So remember fondly the Muppets, Doberhuahuas, the friendship between a puppy and a horse, and The 80s calling. 

Just don't go anywhere near ESPN for a few days.  Unless you're a Peyton Hater.  Because, ouch.

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