Monday, September 5, 2016

Keeping my WITS about me

What I Think, Sports edition

A few notes from the first full college football weekend:

 Unless Southern Cal is a really bad team, there's Alabama and then there's everybody else.

The rest of the SEC has a lot to prove, though Texas A&M and Georgia are off to a good start.

Clemson players need to work on situational awareness.  Their mistakes in the last minute should have cost them.

Stupid penalties seem to abound when combining young men, an emotional games, and high (or at least hypes) stakes.

Someone needs to check the uprights in Starkville. Mississippi State and South Alabama hit them 3 times.  They can't be regulation.

The PAC-12 better hope Southern Cal or UCLA don't win the conference. They might get left out of the playoff again.

I am unreasonably optimistic about Furman's season after giving a good game to Michigan State.  But then the Paladins always seem to give FBS teams a better game than teams on their own level.

Just when you think the ACC is taking care of business, Virginia happens.

I wonder which credit card company gets stuck paying up on frequent flyer miles for the Hawaii athletic program.  Some executive probably got a heart attack after the Australia trip.

With no potential for a conference title, does the loss to Texas mean Notre Dame is Notre Done for the year?

Less than three days until the 2016 NFL kick off.

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