Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The fallacy of #Nevervoting

As a US citizen it is your right to vote.  And a lot of celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, activists, etc. are encouraging you to do so.  Unfortunately this year appears to be the election in #Never land.  #NeverTrump, #NeverHillary, or too disgusted never going to vote are the choices put into our faces.  If you don't vote for "X" it's the same as a vote for "Y" the arguement goes.


Voting should always be a positive experience.  Not "feel good" positive, because if you vote for something or someone you feel strongly about, defeat can be a gut punch.  Positive as in not voting against a candidate or a policy or a law, but for values you hold dear.  Voting to move forward rather than hold someone else back.

But that requires effort.  The two dominant parties will spoon feed you if you wish.  They will give you their narrative, lock you into their orbits, give their voice to your frustration.  And change nothing.

But whether you identify as pure conservative or pure liberal or some combination thereof, there are alternatives. And in the Internet Age, they aren't that hard to find.  But it will take effort to search, and to think, and maybe even to lend some precious time and effort to get out the word or help obtain ballot access.

The Libertarian and Green parties have been getting a fair amount of press this year.  Independent candidate Evan McMullin has gotten some press for a very strong poll showing in Utah.  My fellow South Carolinians will also have presidential options from the Constitution party and homegrown American party. That gives several choices for conservatives (both fiscal and social) and an option for liberals as well.

Our state and local races have fewer choices (sometimes even just one!).  But this is our fault.  We've treated politics with an unswerving faith left only to religious beliefs.  Until we change, until half the voters quit hitting straight ticket, until the couch sitters get registered, until we start thinking and stop simply believing the good vs evil line the parties in power feed us things won't change.

They'll only get worse.

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